Woven Scarf Red small

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This woolen scarf is woven in Great Britain on an electrical antique loom and finished in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The scarf is finished with a beautiful leather ‘Winter in Holland’ logo.

The size of this small scarf is 28cm by 200cm.

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Technical specifics of the fabric:

The yarn used for The Wovens collection is a strong material. A good woolen yarn has the power to recover and return to its natural shape. Therefore, a quality woolen fabric will look good for a long period of time.

The Wovens’ textile is composed of a waffle weave. This type of weave is originally used in towels to expose as much surface of a cotton yarn as possible, to absorb as much water possible. Winter in Holland uses this technique to maximally expose the woolen fiber to the skin, in order to benefit from its natural characteristic and beauty as much as possible.

After altering and tweaking the technique, experimenting with yarns and colors, we found an interestingly bold graphical texture, typical to an Winter in Holland design. The bulky graphical print dissolves towards the edges of the textile, leaving just a touch of dancing texture behind. The colored shapes disappear as stripes into a misty and buttery yellow, like a printer with an empty cartridge leaving the end of a piece of paper blanco.


In order to keep me in the best shape, follow the next steps:

1.  Preferably no washing, when inevitable; a cold handwash would be nice. The washing machine also has a handwash option!

2.  Try the steam function of the iron on me once in a while. It will make my surface smooth again. But make sure the iron is not too hot! It would be best if you could hold the iron above the textile, leaving only the steam to touch me, not the iron.

3.    Do not put me in the dryer. I get all fussy ,dizzy and tiny.

4. Love me, take care of me and use me as much as possible. In return, I will love you and will take care of you.

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 200 x 28 cm