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Winter in Holland’s towels are made from 100% cotton. This knitted product is made in The Netherlands with high quality materials. It would like to be used as much as possible. In return, it will dry your dishes and will be a gorgeous accessory for your kitchen.


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One of the new products of the Winter in Holland collection, are the towels. These towels would be used as tea towels as well as towels to dry your hands.

The towel is still, despite the ubiquity of the dishwasher, a regularly used item in the kitchen. The increasingly common open plan kitchen offers us the opportunity to incorporate products that are both beautiful and useful. Most importantly a tea towel should dry well! Often this is not the case. Winter in Holland has developed a towel that is both beautiful and practical.

After much research into types of cotton and patterns, the result is a collection of five hand-knitted tea towels. Winter in Holland uses pure (untreated) cotton that enables the fiber to better absorb water, as that is the fiber’s natural characteristic. This fiber is worked into a loose pattern, unconstrained the cotton has the space it needs to, again: absorb water.

The collection of towels includes 5 different colors: Aubergine purple, lime green, mandarin orange, lemon yellow and thymus grey.

In order to keep me in the best shape:
1. Wash me before use, never above 60 degrees
2. Use me as much as possible.

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Dimensions 58 x 58 cm