Scarf S Peacock’s Eye


Check out that pretty Peacock’s Eye!

This rich deep blue base yarn is the reason the knit is named Peacock’s Eye: this proud cocky animal owns beautiful deep colors to flaunt the catwalk (a.k.a barn) with and steal the show. On its feathers, de peacock wears multiple deep dark blue eyes. 

The scarf is subtly showing one line of camel yarn to give that extra fling.

Hand knitted of a 100% super soft wool, this scarf will keep you warm during those cold days. 

The S sized scarfs are 25cm x 165cm. There is a L size available in the webshop as well, for those women who feel like flaunting in the barn.

This product is hand made and part of ‘Socially Made Amsterdam’. Read all about it here


Unfortunately we can not ship the Peacock’s Eye scarf till the end of December ’17. We are working on getting our stock up again, but if you would like to have this dark knit, you can order the piece by sending us an e-mail so we send you over the first knitted pieces in stock!  

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For this collection, we present hand-knitted textiles with a subtle structure and delicately picked finishings. The rich feeling of the soft wool asks to be touched, held and worn. The new collection shows a testament of clean and indulging design and reflects an excellent understanding of the craft behind knitting.

The textiles, unlike other collections of the brand, have an uninterrupted even texture and color. Except for one contrasting line (‘Lijn’ in Dutch) that highlights merely a shimmer of the underlaying texture of the cloth.  The serene atmosphere that surrounds the collection, easily compliments many wardrobes and might accompany you with a wholehearted feeling of warmth in the winter.


If treated kindly, the wool, in respond, will maintain its beauty and softness for its long life.

In order to keep the wool happy:

1. Minimal washing.

2. If washing is necessary, spot washing or a cold hand wash will give the best results.

3. Do not put me in the dryer. Dry me on a flat surface.

4. Do not iron me, the woven pattern will not appreciate that.

5. Love me & hug me. I will do the same for you.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 165 x 26 x 0.3 cm