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Blanket Vaccinium IRONY collection

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This product is part of Winter in Holland’s first summer-collection ‘IRONY’  ( Do you get it?! ).

The cloth is the biggest size we offer in the IRONY collection: 180cm by 120cm. Knitted of 100% cotton, this cloth is used as a blanket. After many requests of people who are allergic to wool, we now offer a cotton blanket!

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The collection of cotton blankets includes 3 different colors: A fresh lime green, thymus grey and bright Blue.

In order to keep me in the best shape:
1. Wash me never above 60 degrees
2. Use me as much as possible
3. I enjoy an iron session once in a while. Don’t hesitate to use some steam on me

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Dimensions 180 x 120 x 0.2 cm