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Table settings by Marieke Verdenius




Under the aphorism ‘Simplicity is key’, Marieke Verdenius performs. When visiting her workplace, we notice  that her token is not merely an online-mask. The calmness and honesty that reflects through the images she creates, is truly there. In space and in person.


Marieke is a visual creator, of which one of the focuses is on food-styling . She captures the flavors of a supper in her images, making you want to sit down at that table, ready for that night’s dinner. She knows exactly how to dress up a table to appeal  guests.  Which is why we asked her to create images for us under our theme ‘Dinner’, using our textiles.



The Napkin:
Winter in Holland originally was set out on developing the ideal cotton cloth that absorbs much water, in order to perfectly dry dishes. Even though we reached our goal, we found out that many of our towel-users, use the textile for different purposes. One of these is the use of the textile as a napkin. We learned that people enjoyed the ‘look’ of the towel so much, that they would like to use it as a functional-decoration on the table as well. Which made us curious:
How would a professional table/food stylist, use a napkin? Therefore we asked Marieke to inspire you, and us, by showing how she would dress up her dinner table when friends come over:






Images by Marieke Verdenius

Skin care secrets by Sara Rosalie



Do you also notice that there are days you wipe off more dirt from your skin than other days? We mostly notice the biggest difference when biking through town to work versus locking yourself up in a vehicle and drive to work. Even though cycling is healthier, your skin gets way dirtier passing by all those cars in the city.

No need to say that you need to clean your skin regularly. Even when not living in the city!

We invited Sara, from the conscious skincare brand Sara Rosalie, to share her skincare ritual with us. If someone knows how to nurture your skin and clean your face, it must be her!




Cleansing and nurturing your skin is something you probably do every day. So why not make it a celebration?


It is important to remove makeup and other dirt that your skin picks up, every single night, so it stays healthy and glowing. This is how you can do that: massage a small amount of the Sara Rosalie Two-in-One Balm warm between your hands, spread it over your face and take it off with a hot cloth. Preferably a soft one, so you will not damage your skin. This will give your skin care-moment that nice beautician feeling in your own bathroom.


Finish it off with a Sara Rosalie Daily Moisturizer and Lip Balm for a super hydrated and nurtured skin. 





The towel series: DINNER



The textile napkin is as much an accessory as it is a functional cloth; It dresses up the dinner table perfectly, to awe the guests the moment they arrive at your dinner.





You sit down and take the napkin off of the table to leave it on your lap during the whole supper. Perhaps you are quite the messy eater, and is the napkin the protection shield for your clothes. Perhaps you are quite a clean-eater. In that case you dap your mouth twice in every corner after desert, to make tiny spots disappear.




For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots, Sissy boy and Dille&Kamille.



The towel series: CLEANSE



A towel to dry your face with after a quick rinse with foam and water. Reaching for the towel with your eyes closed. Your finger tips finding the soft cotton yarns. Hastily grabbing the cloth to push it in the corners of eyes to let the fiber absorb the water. Leaving you confident enough to open them without letting the soap irritate.





You look at yourself in the mirror while you wipe off the remainings of the foam on the sides of your cheeks.
The cotton has worked its natural advantages on you, and now is left to dry for the next face wash.




For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots, Hay x Jordan, Sissy boy and Dille&Kamille.

The towel series: KITCHEN



The extra quality to add to your charms in the kitchen, is the towel casually hanging over your shoulder. It accompanies you during the full act of cooking. It is the piece of cloth you touch every minute, to quickly clean your fingers if you go from ingredient to ingredient. To cover your hands with when you open the oven to check your casserole or to dry your vegetables with after a rinse of water. 





The towel is the accessory with which you serve the dish to your guests, throw back over your shoulder and forget it is there during dinner. A hidden move to remind all the guests, you were the one to serve tonight’s supper.

When dinner is finished, you go back to the kitchen to clean up the mess you’ve made. Perhaps you do the dishes, perhaps you have a dishwasher. However, there is always a cloth around to dry your delicate glasses, the big pan that does not fit the dishwasher anymore or to dry your hands with to finish the night’s ritual.






For these images, shot by our own studio, we used products from Annemieke Boots and Dille&Kamille.

Peacock’s Eye



The current ‘LIJN’ collection, for the first time, includes dark knits! The one we put in a spotlight in this story, is the Peacock’s Eye: A rich blue merino knit which is named after the tiny part in the center of the eye on the bird’s tail. The dye of the yarn and the quality of the wool parallels the shiny surface of the feathers as well!

The scarf comes with one warm camel-colored line to spice up the textile. This line is in every scarf placed on a different height: each of our crafts-women decides themselves where to put the camel-line while knitting.



The gracious male bird wears seductive eyes on his tale. The brighter these eyes, the better it performs during copulation. Which obviously is important in life.. How else would you make cute tiny PeaChicks?


Flamingo’s Beak

We named our pink scarf after an amazing animal: A gracious bird, standing strong on one leg in the cold water. Did you know that they stand on one leg, because standing on both legs would make them lose too much body temperature? This animal rocks thermoregulation as perfectly as our merino woolen scarfs, cushions and blankets will on you.


Their pinkness persuades the world. The brighter the flamingo is colored, the healthier it is. Their feathers become more colorful when eating: their body takes a certain bacteria from food to color their feathers. The flamingo’s feathers can change from colors on a spectrum between an unhealthy grey-pink and a super healthy bold pink. Which makes our sweet pink knit super healthy and ready to persuade your wardrobe.




Image by Kyra’s Kitchen



Ok, enough about this truly amazing animal. Let’s talk about a sustainable winter wardrobe:
Kyra from Kyra’s kitchen wrote a refreshing article about a sustainable wardrobe. She styled an outfit including items of brands that are conscious, in the broadest sense of the term. Reading her interesting words, makes us proud that she included our Flamingo’s Beak scarf in her outfit. Besides, at Winter in Holland we share the same opinion.


Winter in Holland supports a slow fashion economy where you only want to use quality products that will last notably longer than fast-fashion items. You will use less items throughout life, which means that you will use them longer. This lifestyle pushes you to choose the items that really suits your spirit. Get more conscious of your buying behavior and, in the meantime, discover your style.


Also our Flamingo’s Beak knits are handknitted by our crafstwomen under our ‘Socially made in Amsterdam’ label. These products are made with care and eye for detail.

Check all our Flamingo’s Beak products here.

LIJN interior accessories







Winter in Holland designs interior products which makes you want to laze and gaze for hours in your own perfect habitat. We noticed the easy-going and natural movement of slow living and anticipated on it with easy colors and fine structures. LIJN carries a handsome selection of mild shades, ready to grace couches in living rooms, chaise longues in hallways and chairs in studies.




These fabrics are knitted from woolen yarns: Merino wool. A beautiful and soft fiber. These items will wait for you at home, ready to indulge you in its comfort and warmth.

Handknitted by our craftswomen, under our ‘Socially Made in Amsterdam‘ label, these products are made with care and eye for detail.







The interior shots were taken by Winter in Holland itself, using paintings of Anouk’s mother.

Gentle scarfs for Gentle men




This collection we, for the first time, launch a scarf designed for the (gentle) men among us. As Mr. Porter’s Deputy Editor Mr. Samuel Muston says: ‘Style – Like the devil – is in the detail.’
A smaller sized scarf falls perfectly around a men’s neck who will need a subtle warmth throughout the winter: tuck into your coat or blazer when braving the winter cold or, for a little extra warmth and style wear it on top of your sweater. A pretty effortless and understated item to keep yourself warm and, not to forget, ‘master style like the devil’.


Daniel is wearing our small Camel’s Back scarf.

Simone has our large Flamingo’s Beak draped around her neck.


Daniel is rocking the small Flamingo’s Beak scarf 



Here Daniel wears our small Peacock’s Eye scarf

Unfortunately we can not ship the Peacock’s Eye scarf till the end of December ’17. We are working on getting our stock up again, but if you would like to have this dark knit, you can order the piece by sending us an e-mail so we send you over the first knitted pieces in stock!  



Photo credits: Photography by Hannah Lipowsky / Models were Daniel van Hek and Simone Rookhuizen / Make-up and hair were done by Minke Boeijen

Behind the scenes



The images for our newest LIJN collection campaign were shot by Hannah Lipowsky. Our collaboration started when she told us how much she enjoyed our products and the visuals we create. When we checked out her website, it showed a sophisticated portfolio. The amazing projects she has done made our hearts beat faster, so we were wildly enthusiastic to get to know her.


In a coffee place on Brouwersgracht, we met. Hannah is a German photographer who, after having started out her career in Barcelona, has been based in Amsterdam for several years. Besides being a photographer she is also mother to a little son, and a bright, positive entrepreneur. The true passion she has for her job shone through our collaboration.


Together we developed a concept for the visuals of the new Winter in Holland LIJN campaign, found a team of models and a make-up artist. We even drove around The Netherlands looking for styling items from other Dutch brands and a great location to shoot. And we did it! Look below for a glance behind the scenes of our shoot.







We styled our scarfs with outfits of several Dutch brands. One of those brands is StudioRUIG. Klaartje, Inge and Sophie bundle their powers to design the garments of Studio RUIG, but also impressively build the whole brand. The team describes their style by: ‘unpretentious yet carefully designed collections with an androgynous sensuality’. Exactly what we needed in our shoot. They have a beautiful shop in the former industrial area of Eindhoven, Strijp S. The light space with high ceilings breaths calmness while on the other side of the cash register you can peek into their atelier. Racks with garments dress the walls while big tables are covered with patterns, scissors, fabrics and office supplies. We browsed through coats, blouses, trousers and dresses and went back to the atelier, borrowing the prettiest garments!


Our ‘Flamingo’s Beak’ scarf large with a Studio RUIG coat ‘Visa’


We are also fan of Ivy&Liv, a jewellery brand based in Amsterdam. We met Fleur, founder of the brand, in her stunning atelier in an idyllic building in de Baarsjes.  An Ivy&Liv item is made for life: you will get yourself a piece because you fall in love with it. You will wear it for your whole life and the quality enables you to do so. A vision Winter in Holland shares with them. One corner of their work space is turned into a show-room: the shiny gold and silver jewellery are elegantly exhibited. Fleur helped us picking items, by showing her favorite combinations:


Simone wears our Peacock’s eye scarf L, the Gaea Part II earring by Ivy&liv and the Johnny Uni Jersey by Studio RUIG 


Full Credits:

Photography: Hannah Lipowsky
Models: Simone van Rookhuizen en Daniel van Hek
Make-up: Minke Boeijen
Styling: Winter in Holland
Styling items: Yunit and Rhumaa by the help of Willa Green PR, Studio RUIG, Elsien Gringhuis and Ivy & Liv