Table settings by Marieke Verdenius




Under the aphorism ‘Simplicity is key’, Marieke Verdenius performs. When visiting her workplace, we notice  that her token is not merely an online-mask. The calmness and honesty that reflects through the images she creates, is truly there. In space and in person.


Marieke is a visual creator, of which one of the focuses is on food-styling . She captures the flavors of a supper in her images, making you want to sit down at that table, ready for that night’s dinner. She knows exactly how to dress up a table to appeal  guests.  Which is why we asked her to create images for us under our theme ‘Dinner’, using our textiles.



The Napkin:
Winter in Holland originally was set out on developing the ideal cotton cloth that absorbs much water, in order to perfectly dry dishes. Even though we reached our goal, we found out that many of our towel-users, use the textile for different purposes. One of these is the use of the textile as a napkin. We learned that people enjoyed the ‘look’ of the towel so much, that they would like to use it as a functional-decoration on the table as well. Which made us curious:
How would a professional table/food stylist, use a napkin? Therefore we asked Marieke to inspire you, and us, by showing how she would dress up her dinner table when friends come over:






Images by Marieke Verdenius